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RFM Software is an indie developer with an independent studio located in Barcelona (world mobile capital).

Our team work hard to develop apps (free & paid) for mobile devices. Actually, our apps are available for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. You can find RFM software on the best App Stores.

Actually, RFM Software has two games published (Invaders from far Space and Pocket Memory Simon) and works everyday to add more exciting games into our product catalog.

Please, feel free to comment or contact with RFM Software by using the “Contact” link.

You can find below some of RFM Software product, click on it to open details.


Repeat the color. A simple and addictive game that will help to improve your memory. You have to repeat the sequence of the sounds and lights using the buttons until you press the wrong button. This game, also allows you to post your best scores on-line and share it with others World players. This version is full and free (monetized with ads).


Invaders from far Space is a Arcade Space Shooter game for your device. This game is similar to "galaga" or "Space invaders" with modern graphics and great playing. The game is fun and easy to play. It is compatible with ldpi devices (low resolution screens) and xhdpi (hig resolution screen - HD), you can play Invaders from far Space even in your TV or Tablet. The newest versions of Invaders from far Space (up to 3.0) has the option to post your best survival scores into the Web/Cloud. This allows to share your scores with another players.


RFM Anote is a notepad, text editor for your Android device. The actual version has: search, language selector, configurable and can be password protected. Now, with RFM A-Note you can lock acces to your notes with password protection (v1.5) and, will never lost a note. With version 1.4, the app comes with integrated auto-save funcion to never lost a note. RFM Anote is totally free, with no ads and with updates planned to add features such as: enhanced language support, search, synchronize and organize notes, etc.
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