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Invaders from far Space is a Arcade Space Shooter game for your device. This game is similar to "galaga" or "Space invaders" with modern graphics and great playing.

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The game is fun and easy to play. It is compatible with ldpi devices (low resolution screens) and xhdpi (hig resolution screen - HD), you can play Invaders from far Space even in your TV or Tablet.

The game comes with 2 modes:

- Campaign mode (step by step)
- Survival mode (non stop level)

Campaign mode

This mode have 54 screens (sectors) in 6 levels. In this mode you have to get high scores to upgrade your ship and be ready for the next level.

Survival mode

This mode is a non stop level. You have to mantain your ship alive under the alien invasion and shoot'em all!.
You have to upgrade your ship by collecting the green box that some aliens leave when they die.

It has High Score table (local and global) to keep record of your advances.

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